Competitive Tenders

We have developed a highly competitive tendering system that provides clients with a high standard of construction at an economic price.


Method statements and construction programmes are prepared for every tender. 


Subcontractors are vetted to ensure that they have the resources and capacity to undertake the works and achieve programme milestones. 


Conditions and exclusions received from subcontractors and suppliers are ‘tagged’ to our tender price. 


As these tags constitute a risk to the client we will work with you to establish an appropriate budget allowance additional to the tender price during contract negotiations.



Financial Control    

Client’s must be able make decisions with confidence and that requires all the pertinent information to be available at the earliest possible time. 


We hold weekly meetings with our client and the designer and provide minutes recording any issues discussed, all instructions received from the designer as agreed resolutions to issues discussed, any costs implications for the instructions and an estimated value (with a fixed price established for the item as soon as possible).


The minutes also include any issues relating to safety, environmental or the local authority that have an impact on the works.    See link to weekly minutes proforma.


Every progress claim states the percentage of the original contract sum claimed separate from any additional costs agreed or estimated. 


All progress claims show the sum due and the revised completion cost.  


Cash flow statements are prepared and made available to client’s for presentation to their funder.