Quality Assurance and Control

Quality assurance is actually simple. It just means that the project will be built in accordance with:

  • Building and resource consent conditions 
  • Contract drawings and specifications 
  • NZ Standards and Building Code
  • NZ statutes relating to health & safety and the environment 
  • Local Authority bylaws and regulations 

Our Project Managment Plans are site specific and address all these issues and their control mechanisms in detail.

We keep it simple. Critical items in the contract and consent documents are identified and evidence of compliance is obtained from subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that Code of Compliance is achieved with minimal disruption to our client taking possession of the building.

Materials and their origin are checked on a regular basis for compliance with the specification.

Projects are assessed for risk components. Critical subcontractors, suppliers and materials are identified and managed in greater detail.

What are the critical design and performance elements of the project? What are the experience and capabilities of suppliers and subcontractors to meet those criteria.