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  • Wagener Building builds residential houses in Auckland, Rodney, Waitakere and surrounding areas. We do renovations, restorations and additions.
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  • Murray Wagener has over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial construction in New Zealand.
  • Some of the work perfomed by senior staff of Wagener Building.
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  • The Wagener family is one of the old New Zealand families. The Wagener Subritzky homestead in Houhora - Northland was build in 1860 and recently restorated.
  • Building cost are most important. Wagener Building prepares finacial reports from budget estimates thru to final account. The cost of the building is always known.
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  • Building contracts can be complicated. Here are a few notes on what is important in the standard construction contracts.
  • Wagener Building developes a programme to ensure that the building will be completed in time.
  • Wagener Building has a Quality Assurance system in place for each project and ensures that quality is controlled in respect of material and workmanship.
  • Site Safety is important. Wagener Building uses site specific safety plans in accordance with OSH regulations and ensures implementation.
  • Keep New Zealand clean and green. That starts with the building site. Wagener Building developes site specific environmental plans to reduce the amount of waste.
  • At Wagener Building we have experience with energy efficient building, sustainability and green building. It does not have to cost more. Talk to us.
  • Have a question? Want an estimate for your building? Contact us here, we are happy to help.